THEME #5 - Moondor

Back to fandom(ish) themes :) This is a Charlie Bradbury inspired theme - thanks jastiel for the suggestion! - but it’s kind of versatile enough to be used outside of fandoms as well!


  1. Updates tab (CLICK ON THE UPDATES BUTTON TO SEE IT) with default slots - Watching, Reading, Listening to - and more space to add whatever you want (the updates tab can be disabled too!);
  2. …seriously the updates tab code alone took me a day so you better look at it
  3. A place where to write a little string of text (a quote, for example)
  4. Custom sidebar image is 180x180 px;
  5. You can disable the black and white filter on the sidebar;
  6. Tags are showing;
  7. Up to 4 custom links;
  8. Posts are 400px or 500px wide;
  9. Everything is super easy to edit in the Appearance section: it means you don’t need to change the code!


  • Don’t remove the credit as long as you keep the sidebar AND/OR the updates tab;
  • DON’T take snippets without giving me the credit;
  • As long as you do this, feel free to edit away! :)
  • Ask me if you need anything/have suggestions about the theme!

Please LIKE / REBLOG if you are / are planning to use it - or if you just like it :)



saving people, hunting things, the family business? i am down. but i was raised on tolkein, man. i mean, where’s all of this? where are my white walkers and my volcano and my magic ring to throw in the damn thing? where’s my quest?

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        deanlirium said: Do you have any tattoos? Give him a little sneak peek there. All tattoos are sexy.

Mine is Princess Leia in a slave bikini straddling a 20-sided die.

…I was drunk. It was Comic-Con.

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Where’s my quest?

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Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves


Katrina & The Waves | Walking On Sunshine

Watching: The Wizard of Oz
Reading: Harry Potter
Listening to: Walking on Sunshine

And this is where you can write more stuff :)
To close the updates tab just click on the button again!

If you like the updates tab but you don't want to install the whole theme, I'm probably doing a tutorial soon - just check my blog and feel free to remind me if I haven't already! :)